New Year!! New You!! New Closet!!!

New Year….New You….New Closets for 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I Hope you all had a happy and joyous holiday. It’s January, the time when most of us make “New Years Resolutions”, and try and work hard to keep those resolutions, which usually last until the end of January. I tend to work with a lot of my clients in January through March examining their closet needs. What better time of year to start with a clean organized closet then NOW?!

Okay, ready? Set go!! Let’s get this closet clean-out started. Walk into your closet right now. What do you see? Are your clothes lined up nicely and on flocked hangers so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, when you want to wear it? Or does it look like your closest has a bad case of the flu and threw up all of your clothes? Are your shoes and accessories all in their rightful homes or are they piled in a heap on the floor of your closet? Whether your closet needs a little bit of attention to whip it into shape or a bulldozer to clean out the mess here are the first 3 smart tips to get started from Lecia.

  • Purge & Sort

Pull everything out of your closet, I mean everything!. Start by sorting things into winner and loser piles. It could be beneficial to have someone who is unbiased help you in this process. I would be an asset here. You may need me to police your winner pile. Those stir-up pants from the 80’s? I can help you let them go. Clothes you haven’t worn in a season or don’t fit into anymore can be sold, put on consignment or donated to your favorite charity. I can do for you too. Once you have let go of your unwanted pieces, it’s time to go through the winning pile and take a second look. You might find after putting all your pants together that you have 20 pairs of black pants that look similar to each other. If you don’t have a need for 20 pairs of black pants you might consider adding them to donating, consigning or selling piles. Do this with the rest of your pieces. Anything that you have too many pieces of the same thing, pick your favorites and donate the rest.

•Learning to Relinquish the Old

The hardest part about learning to organize your closet has nothing to do with your clothes or how you hang or fold them. It’s learning to let go of the pieces that don’t serve their purpose anymore. Most people have a really hard time with this. Clients will fight me like crazy on getting rid of a piece that they haven’t worn and will never wear again, especially if it cost a lot of money. The reality is most of us only wear half (yes half) of the pieces we own. The other half is just wasting valuable space that can be used for pieces we will wear.

Option 1, Group like pieces together, go from left to right in the order you wear them. So start with hanging your nice shirts and blouses then your pants and jacket/blazers etc…. T shirts can be folded flat with the designs facing outwards so you can easily see what they are. Jeans should be stacked according to style (Straight legs, boot cut, skinny’s etc….) this prevents your jeans from getting discolored at the fold on the hanger.


Option 2 I like is to group items by color and style. Sweaters, blouses and tops and pants together etc….I find this much easier to put outfits together. T shirt and blue jeans can be done the same as above.

Shoes should be put into plastic shoe boxes and stacked by style. A mood book with pictures of your shoes, makes it easier to decide what shoe will fit best with what outfit. Also, I find folding your scarves over a hanger is easier to excess as well.

  • Treat Yourself Now that you have freed up some closet space it is time to hit the boutiques and treat yourself to that special spring piece that you have been eying for some time now. You deserve it for all the hard work you did. Stay tuned for all the hottest spring trends for 2013 and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe. If you want a clean closet for spring call me at the number below and schedule your appointment. Also, visit me on my blog at

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