Top fantabulous colors for Fall 2012!!

And colors to pair them with!!!

I love the fall colors!! Finally fall has great color instead of all neutrals shades (black, grey, beige etc…)






Fantabulous, colors that I love for the fall season!! Mix and match with all your neutrals and all the great colors for the fall 2012 seasons. Here are a few options too pair your fall colors with this season:

  • Peach: pairs great with you browns, silver, grey and any of your blue tones as well.
  • Venetian Red: pairs with grays, navy and black. Great with eggplant and primrose yellow so advent guard!
  • Cerulean: pairs well with navy, grey, brown. Metallics look great with this as well. Red if you’re daring enough.
  • Primrose Yellow:  is a great color to pair with burnt orange, navy (looks great with denim) burgundy, teal, brown and black in October, if you know what I mean. Don’t want to look to Hallow-weenie before then.
  • Burnt Orange: pairs with grey, navy and hunter green neutrals. Baby blue which is a great pastel as well.   Also looks great with Royal Blue and eggplant to really make a statement.
  • Dark Teal: Looks awesome with black and dark grey neutrals. Also, metallic’s.  Love this color with mustard yellow (Primrose yellow), eggplant and burnt orange, venetian red and baby blue so cool!
  • Eggplant: Wear it with neutrals such as navy, charcoal grey, beige. Statement colors venetian red, hunter green and primrose yellow.
  • Royal Blue: Pair with your neutrals, navy, (any other shades of blue) black, and camel.  Metallic’s (silver, bronze and gold) is the key to royal blue wild side. And let’s not forget fuchsia awe-inspiring.
  • Burgundy: This is one of my favorite colors for the fall season. Such a versatile color! Look great with all your neutrals (navy, black, gray, beige etc…) all your metallic’s, also burnt orange, eggplant and primrose yellow. Just about every color being shown this season. So I defiantly would invest my money in pants or sweaters in this color. So worth your while.


Think BIG and BOLD!! If you’re the Gal who prefers the utilitarian uniform of the past seasons (black shift dress standard colors black, grey, etc…) to the bold statements of 2012 fall season. This won’t be an easy season for your style. It’s all about bold colors and mixing and matching them together!! Don’t be afraid to try these fun new colors because there are so many combinations that work. The colors combo’s above are just the tip of the iceberg.

Happy shopping!!

It’s Fall Transition Time!!!

It’s fall transition time! And I am here to help you conquer your closets and help you garner some ‘wows’ thanks to your fall style. Just like the Colorado weather, surviving transition is all about being flexible and being able to manipulate both your summer and fall pieces at the same time.

While most of us fashionistas are trying to find ways to stay current with summer trends, it’s never too soon to transition your wardrobe into the fall season – let’s be honest, it’ll be here before we know it. I’m sure you are all like me and want to maximize your wardrobe and get the most for your dollars, while prolonging the life of your clothes. Often we make the mistake of focusing on the latest and greatest trends and end up getting rid of cool trendy piece that we should have kept. I am all about fashion being what you comfortable in and what is right for your lifestyle; so if there is a piece that works for you that you loved for summer, I can help you find a way to rock it for fall. If you’re willing there is always a way for you to take a beloved garment from a past season and work it into the next.

All good things must come to end, summer is no exception. Usually by Labor Day we are ready for a bit of cooler weather and our fall wears. The fall palette is so cute; finally some great colors instead of the just the neutrals they show every year!

Here are a few tips from Leave it to Lecia to taking you summer wardrobe from summer to “Fall Fabulous.”

Colored Denim:

Denim was hot for summer in a variety of bright colors. The good news is that you will be seeing it for fall as well. You can update the look with earth or metallic denim. The neutral and muted colors can be easily carried over to fall. Colored denim can be layered with tanks, light weight sweaters in neutral colors and a flat knee high boot, and you’re good to go!


Prints were everywhere, in every way this summer. From floral being the strongest to geometrics and ikat. Well they’re back for the fall season, from head to toe prints and print mixing still being trendy. To transition your summer prints to fall, think about layering them with cool weather pieces cute cardigans, woven long sleeve top and fun blazers. To make it fun and interesting try mixing your prints with opposing earth color and scales.

Dresses and Skirts:

Cotton, knit and microfiber dresses can be easily transition from summer to fall. Lightweight dress can be layered with a cardigan on top and tights to give it a more fall look. Miniskirts can be worn with dark tights and a boot. A variety of boot styles will work. This is when you call me to the rescue, and I will help determine which look is best for you. Your maxi dress will still be a hot item for the fall transition; throw a sweater over it, and you have a whole new look. Add a pair of ballerina flats or boots and you’re ready for the cooler weather of fall.

Keep the Khaki’s:

Khakis are the perfect pants to pair with the hot new neutral for fall, navy. Your khakis can stay in your closet until winter truly sets in, and then bye, bye, they go to storage with the rest of you summer stuff. These also look great with all the jewels tones you will be seeing for the season. More on those colors later in my blog!!!

Don’t forget the Accessories:

Accessories are a great way to completely change the look of an outfit. Add a scarf or wrap in the great new fall colors (burgundy, jewel tones, mustard yellow – yes I said mustard yellow). You can also pick plaids, reptile, dark floral and any other prints that you fancy.

Your handbag (if woven) that you have used all summer should be transition with a darker leather bag for the fall. Select deep colors (love the burgundy and navy color) with lots of hardware for some volume.

Jewelry should be more the gemstones instead of the chunky beaded stuff that you wore in the summer (love all the vintage pieces that are being shown and can be found around town). Check out Chan Luu’s fall collection. It’s pretty amazing and can be found as several stores in the Denver area. Thick cuff bracelets are great statement options for fall as well.

All right this is just the tip of the iceberg gals; I will be writing more soon!!! I can help you transition your wardrobe and closest in no time. Just shoot me a email or call me to schedule an appointment.

Free 30 minute consultation!

Package deals available!

Let’s Whip Your Wardrobe into Shape
Next three steps!!!

Let’s Whip Your Wardrobe Into Shape!

After months of layering your clothes for the cold temperatures, it’s time to embrace the sunshine with lightweight fabrics, bright colors, and strappy sandals! But before you start shopping for all the fun, new fashions for summer, get organized! Make use of what you already have with these 3 smart tips from Lecia.

• Purge & Organize

Sort what you own into three categories:

  1. Your Perfect closet stables
  2. Clothes and accessories you love but are over wearing.
  3. Clothes you haven’t worn in a season or that don’t fit.

The first category, organize like items by color. The second catergory, store in bins that are labeled and rotate them back in when you’re ready to give them a try again. The third category can be put on consignment or given to a charity.

• Evaluate

Pick out your ten favorite items – these are your trendy items, and not your staples. Lay them out and ask yourself what they have in common. Do you need to shake it up a bit, or do they signify styles you should keep? It’s all about shape, color and pairings – if you’re not sure, turn to your stylist for help.

• Get Inspired

Summer is a great time to express your individual style. Without the need for cumbersome coats, you can step out of your style comfort zone. There are so many great summer trends this season! Experiment with floral, nature scenes, color blocking, pastels, or bright bold colors. Whether your style is straight leg bright pants or a colorful scarf, everyone can use a wardrobe boost. Think about a piece that you would never think to wear and then pair it with one of your staples. This will keep you out of the fashion rut…

• Last but not least…

Before you hit the stores, consider asking a fashion pro for advice to organize your wardrobe by style,color,season and lifestyle. Maintenance is a ongoing process and should be edited on a monthly or, at a minimum, a seasonal basis. Once your closet is organized, the best staples for you will be a foundation for a cost effective wardrobe. You will have a confident wardrobe and can add “of the moment pieces” to enhance your look. Last but not least, think about any big events you may have for the summer (parties, weddings, a vacation in the tropics, etc.). If you don’t have that cute outfit for those occasions, consider how you want to look and call me! I will help you find that perfect outfit.

Stay tuned for the next three steps coming soon to an email near you!!

Step 4

 Make Your List

Now that you’ve evaluated your wardrobe, what you love and what you want to try, write down the specific items to look for when shopping. This is also a good time to quickly assess favorite staples that need to be replaced: jeans worn out beyond repair, a moth-eaten cardigan, black trousers that have faded to grey. I can provide you with a check list to help you.

Step 5


Okay, Gals here’s the fun part!! I can help you comb the racks at your favorite haunts to find the best buys and most flattering looks.

Go do it alone or with your stylist!! (Me!!) Shopping with you BFF is great fun, but if you want to focus, go it alone or with your stylist!! I can maximize your seasonal clothing budget with the styles that bring out your best. I can shop with you or shop for you. Several of my clients prefer to try on their clothes at home. If you don’t want to shop from store to store, I can bring a selection of clothes to you.

Be Prepared Bring all the necessary items (Bra’s, Spanx, heels, etc.) with you to the store. This will help you make an honest assessment of your potential purchases. Each item you buy should enhance your wardrobe and make you look your best. These are things I can help you with.
Love it or don’t buy it If you don’t absolutely love that pair of jeans or top at your favorite store or boutique, don’t give the gal behind the counter the plastic! Your feelings are not going to change once you go home and you will likely never wear it.

Deals that may fool you Be wary of department store final markdowns and online flash sales. Their inherent sense of urgency makes it easy to get caught up in the moment, only to end up with something that you don’t need or doesn’t go with something you don’t already own. When buying something on sale, a majority of the time it is not returnable. Those extra wide leg high waist pants might look like a deal at $49.00, however, you could have taken that money and invested in an item that incorporates into your existing wardrobe. Stay focused!

One exception to the rule It’s true, when you are desperate to buy that one special item for that special occasion (wedding, party, black tie event) you can never find it anywhere. So if you run across an amazing piece at a great price, snag it up quickly, don’t worry that your calendar may be blank. A great fitting black cocktail dress will still be perfect when the occasion arises.

Know when to call it a day!!! Don’t try and squeeze all you’re shopping into one day!! I have worked in retail for more than 20 years, I guarantee that more than two to three hours in a store makes everything look great and weakens your resolve. So, if you don’t find what you want or need, there is always another day when you’re fresh.

Step 6

Okay Let’s Create Your Outfits

Now that your wardrobe is complete for the season, it is time to create outfits. Take one day to organize outfits and you will save time each day getting dressed. As your stylist, I will help you coordinate outfits and create a look book from your wardrobe. First we will select outfits, from head to toe (Shoes, jewelry, undergarments etc.…), take pictures of them and post them inside your closet or wherever it is convenient for you. We can put them in a 3 ring binder so you can easily flip through them. The outfits that get the most compliments should move to the front of the book. This will make it simple to get ready when you’re in a hurry. As the season progresses, I can help you generate more ideas with a mood board. Or, you can collect pictures from your favorite magazines or the Internet; I will help you build the look from the pieces already in your closet.

Free 30 minute consultation! Package deals available for August!

Hi All,

I am excited to tell you about my new business venture, “Leave It to Lecia,” a household management and personal shopping service.

The idea for this business developed after many years of helping friends and clients get organized and maximize their time and wardrobe investments. Whatever your needs, I can help!

  • Comprehensive household management and organizing
  • Declutter, organize and maximize closets
  • Personal shopping and styling
  • House sitting
  • Pet sitting

My services are all-inclusive and based on an hourly fee. When organizing your home, I will consign, donate (with a tax receipt), or discard items. I will purchase all necessary supplies, which shall be reimbursed by client at completion of the project with no service fee applied.

If you’re interested in learning more about “Leave It to Lecia” and what I can do for you, please email me at leciafearing@yahoo.com
I am looking forward to working with you!

Now that’s organization!

5 Tips to Organize Your Closet

  1. Spring Cleaning: Now is the time to go through that closet and throw out anything that’s worn, faded, has holes or doesn’t fit. Remember, if you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it!
  2. Seeing is Wearing: If you can’t see your options, you’re much less likely to remember to put it on. Shoes are the biggest culprits. Invest in clear, plastic boxes so you know your options.
  3. Color Coordinate: One of the best ways to organize – and create the perfect outfit in a pinch – is to color coordinate all tops, sweaters and shoes. How many times have you said, “I just need a pink top to make this outfit perfect?” Find it with ease!
  4. Invest and Protect: Invest in wooden or padded hangers to properly protect and care for your favorite items. Also be sure to remove dry cleaned items from plastic bags to allow clothing to breathe.
  5. Seasonal Change: It’s possible that your clothes just won’t fit into your closets, so consider storing your fall/winter pieces in spring/summer and vice versa.


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